• The Teacher Appraisal Committee recognizes the role student growth and teacher value-added can play in the appraisal process, and reviewed recent legislation enacted in the State of Illinois calling for student growth to be included in teacher evaluation by September 1, 2016 [105ILCS 5/24A-2.5(4)].

    During the 2013-2014 school year, the Teacher Appraisal Committee examined the state requirements of student growth. During the 2014-2015 school year the PERA Joint Committee met informally to discuss options for including student growth into the teacher evaluation process and develop a student growth component to be added to the teacher evaluation instrument. A pilot of the student growth component is to occur during the 2015-2016 school year [105 ILCS 5/25A-4(b)].

    Troy’s Appraisal System is the foundation for professional conversations among educators as they enhance their teaching skills and become more thoughtful practitioners. The framework will integrate Troy’s recruiting, hiring, mentoring, coaching, professional development, and teacher appraisal processes. The teacher evaluation plan shall consider the teacher’s attendance and his or her competency in the subject matter taught, as well as specify the teacher’s strengths and weaknesses and the reasons for identifying the areas as such [IL Admin Code 23:50.120(b)].


    Committee Members

    • Dr. Todd Koehl
    • Brooke Allen
    • Nicole Barr
    • Colleen Connolly
    • Kristin Copes
    • Tyler Slowinski
    • Christine Thoele
    • Jill Masheimer
    • Christine Moran
    • Heather Elkins
    • Lisa Vitas
    • Ruth Juhant
    • Sarah Wells
    • Nicolle Oldenburg
    • Laura McKee
    • Kendra Schutt
    • Jill Masheimer

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