• Professional Growth in Troy 30-C consists of multiple opportunities for our licensed teaching staff. Ultimately, Troy 30-C seeks to provide professional growth that sharpens our staff's skills and improves learning for all of our students.

    For our new Troy licensed teaching staff: Induction & Mentoring For all Troy licensed teaching staff: 30C University Professional Development Approval Process

Induction & Mentoring

  • The Troy 30-C Induction and Mentoring Program consists of four parts:

    New Employee Sessions:

    1. New Employee Sessions

    • Required 
    • Held in August prior to the beginning of the year
    • For all new certified teaching staff

    2. Special Topic Sessions during the year

    • Required
    • Facilitated  by Dept. of Teaching &  Learning

    3. Mentor-Protégé Coaching Sessions

    • Monthly meeting for planning
    • Mentor observes protégé 4 or more times over the school year
    • Protégé observes mentor and other qualified teachers 3 or more times over the school year

    4. Professional Growth Action Plan

    • Protégé will reflect on the school year and set an action plan for the following school year


Professional Development Approval Process

  • As of the 2015-2016 school year all licensed Troy employees are required to obtain pre-approved and final approval for graduate credit coursework or Board Credit through their employee access in Skyward. This process replaced Troy's previous '"Graduate Credit" process. The updated process in Skyward consists of several different steps. The link below is a guide to assist employees through the process.

    Graduate Credit / Board Credit Process

    The following link will bring you to the Skyward login where you can begin the process of entering professional development. 

    Skyward login

    Should you have any questions regarding Troy's professional growth process, please contact the Human Resources Department. Any questions regarding teacher licensure requirements, including endorsements, should be directed to the Will County Regional Office of Education (815-740-8360).

30C University

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