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Curriculum & Assessment

The Curriculum and Assessment Department is dedicated to providing a robust and innovative educational program that prepares students for future success. By focusing on academic excellence, creativity, SEL, and continuous professional development, we aim to create a nurturing and challenging environment where every student can thrive. Our commitment to collaboration and community engagement ensures that we are responsive to the needs of our students and that we work together to achieve our shared goals. Questions can be directed to Executive Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Nicole Counihan via email or by calling 815-577-6760.

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Jillian Tsoukalas
Ext. 4705

Executive Director of Curriculum and Assessment
Nicole Counihan
Ext. 4723

Spanish Language Translator/Interpreter 
Viridiana Marchand
Ext. 4725   

Curriculum Coordinator
Deborah Laskey

Curriculum Coordinator
Mary Rourke

Library Literacy & Educational Technology Coordinator
Carrie Upjohn

Administrative Assistant to Teaching and Learning
Maricela Torres

Administrative Assistant to Curriculum & Assessment
Cindy Boban