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Safety Information

  • Safety is a top priority here at Troy 30-C Schools. We understand the first step for both staff and students to having a successful day is feeling safe. Our goal here at Troy is to maintain a culture of safety, and to accomplish this we use a multifaceted approach.

School Safety a Shared Responsibility
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Safety & Security Coordinator

Troy 30-C Annual Safety Update

Physical Security

  • This includes, but is not limited to secured doors, quality camera systems, and good visitor management. We update our physical security features regularly, and are always looking for better ways to keep our buildings safe.

Safety Plans/Protocols

  • We update and improve our safety plans annually, including crisis planning and threat assessment procedures. Each school conducts safety drills per state guidelines. Our district utilizes the ALICE program for any active safety incident, as do most school districts in the area.  


  • Our district works diligently to create and maintain good relationships with our students and their families. We created this safety page on our website, along with adding new ways for parents and kids to communicate safety concerns directly to the appropriate staff. This page includes our #BeTroySafe tip line, and will offer safety information regularly to our families.  

Community Partners

  • Troy 30-C Schools have established and maintain good working relationships with our local first responders and other governmental agencies in our community. We work closely with nearby school districts as well, and have an excellent network in place to enhance safety and communication.

Training and Education

  • The district hired a Safety/Security Coordinator whose role it will be to continually train and educate staff and students. Faculty is trained regularly on current safety topics. We incorporate safety into our curriculum with age-appropriate lessons for students to help keep them safe both in school and online. We are also happy to offer parent seminars throughout the school year on a variety of safety topics. Working together as a community is essential to maintaining a safe and productive learning environment here in Troy 30-C!