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Emergency & Safety

Troy 30-C schools will not close unless hazardous road or other emergency conditions (including utility problems) necessitate a closing. A decision to close is normally made by 5:30 a.m. and will be based upon road conditions, weather reports, and personal inspections of streets and facilities by Troy 30-C personnel. 

When schools are to be closed, local media outlets will be notified between 5:30 a.m. - 6:30 a.m. In addition, all Troy 30-C families and staff will also be notified via the ParentSquare recorded telephone message system. A school closing notice will also be posted on the Troy 30-C website at Please continue to monitor the local radio stations for additional information.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR PARENTS: Please prepare your own "emergency" plan with your children in case of an emergency closing. Discuss this plan with your children.

School Announcements  

Troy 30-C uses several local media to broadcast school emergencies and school closings. Below is a list of the various area media to monitor in case of a school closing. 






WJOL - AM 1340


WGN - AM 720


WLS - TV (ABC 7)



WGN - TV (WGN 9)



WFLD - TV (Fox)




Early Dismissal  

Early dismissal produces complications for parents who may be away from home during school hours. The proper procedures to follow in case of an early school closing due to weather or emergency conditions are as follows:  

  •  A ParentSquare message will be distributed to Troy 30-C families and staff.
  •  The listed radio stations will be notified by Troy 30-C.
  •  Students will ride the bus home, unless other written arrangements have been made and are on file in the principal's office.
  •  Troy 30-C schools will remain open 30 minutes after the last child has left to allow personnel to respond to any unusual circumstances.

Tornado and Fire Drills 

The building principals and teachers will advise students during the first week of school regarding procedures to follow for tornado, disaster, and fire drills. Maps will be provided in each classroom indicating evacuation routes for students and staff members.

Visiting Troy Schools  

The Troy 30-C administration and staff are committed to providing the safest possible environment for your child. According to state law, all parents, visitors, and volunteers are to report immediately to the main office upon entering the school building. During regular school hours, identification badges are issued to all visitors and/or volunteers. Please be aware that staff members will direct visitors to the office if they are not displaying identification badges.

We welcome parents, individuals, and groups to volunteer their time, talent, and energy in our schools. School volunteers serve at the discretion of the building principal and are subject to appropriate regulations and safeguards. Volunteers are expected to serve as role models for our students at all times.

In the interest of minimizing disruptions to the educational program and maintaining the safety and security of your child's school environment, we ask that any parent who wishes to visit a classroom for observational purposes make an appointment with the building principal prior to his or her visit.