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Welcome to the Finance & Operations Department!

4 days ago

Thanks for stopping by! For any questions about Finance & Operations, please contact us: 

Finance and Operations

Phone:  815-577-6760

Fax:  815-577-3795

Director of Finance

Ellen Wandless

Ext. 4726

Business Manager

Amanda Sitar, CSBO

Ext. 4719

Payroll & Grant Specialist

Kristine Hutten

Ext. 4720

Registration Specialist

Deborah Stuck

Ext. 4724

Assistant to HR & Finance

Terri Radak
Ext. 4727


Sandra Krejci

Ext. 4712

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Disposal of Property/Equipment

about 1 year ago

Disposal of Property/Equipment

The Superintendent shall notify the Board, as necessary,  of the following so that the Board may consider its disposition:  (1) District personal property no longer needed for school purposes, and (2) school sites, buildings, or other real estate that is unnecessary, unsuitable, or inconvenient.  The Superintendent or designee shall be authorized to dispose of obsolete equipment or material by selling it to the highest bidder. Notwithstanding the above, the Superintendent or designee may unilaterally dispose of personal property of a diminutive value.  The Superintendent or designee shall report all such transactions to the Board.

Administrative Guidelines for the Disposal of Surplus Equipment

The Superintendent, or designee, shall have the responsibility for determining when District property is not needed for District purposes. Property so designated shall be disposed of through the following procedures:

Whenever possible, items shall be used for trade-in value on the purchase of new equipment and materials.

Step #1:

An administrator is to identify surplus property on an inventory list located on the Finance and Operations website called List of Surplus Property to be Disposed. Administrators are to identify each different item, when it was acquired (approximately), quantities, and why it is no longer needed by a building/program.

Step #2:

An administrator will submit the List of Surplus Property to be Disposed to the Director of Finance and Operations for common posting via the Surplus Property Submission Form.

“Common posting” is the notification to all building principals and department heads of the availability of surplus equipment that is free of charge.

Step #3:

The Director of  Finance and Operations will notify each building principal and department head of a combined list of surplus property that is available for review to determine if any of the equipment may be used in their buildings or department.

The Director of Finance and Operations will work with each principal or department head on delivery of each item.

Step #4:

Any property that is remaining from the “Common Posting” will be included in aResolution Authorizing the Sale or Other Disposition of Personal Property for Board of Education action, at which time it will be officially declared surplus property.

Step #5:

Reasonable steps will be taken to:

1)      Sell the surplus property to staff members and the community.

2)      Donate the equipment to schools outside of the district.

3)      Donate the equipment to other governmental agencies.

4)      Donate the equipment to anyone who can use the items.

Step #6:

Remaining items will be disposed of as waste.

Following the disposal of all surplus equipment a report will be given to the Board of Education that indicates the type of disposal of the surplus equipment.