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Exams & Immunizations

Physical Exam Requirements

As per Troy Board of Education Policy 7:100, effective in August of 2004, all students entering Pre-School, Kindergarten and Grade 6 and any student who enters the Troy School District must present proof of a physical examination by a medical doctor (licensed physician) and proof of completion of required immunizations and screenings (lead and diabetes) for preventable communicable disease prior to the first day of school.


Exemption from Physical Activity

A child may be exempt from some or all physical activities when the appropriate reason is submitted to the school by parent(s)/guardian(s) (for one day) or by a person licensed under the Medical Practice Act. Alternative activities and/or units of instruction will be provided for pupils whose physical or emotional condition, as determined by a person licensed under the Medical Practice Act, prevents their participation in physical education courses. (Board Policy 7:260)


Dental Exam Requirements

In addition, PA 93-946, recently adopted by the Illinois General Assembly, requires children entering Kindergarten, Second grade and Sixth grade to present proof of having been examined by a dentist before May 15th of the school year.


Vision Exam Requirements

Proof of eye examination within one year prior to Kindergarten and for all students who are entering school for the first time in Illinois.  This is an Illinois State Law which took effect on January 1, 2008. 

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