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30C University: Philosophy and Purpose

over 2 years ago

30-CU is a district internal university based on the premise that continued professional development increases teacher performance and student achievement.This university is internal so that it is efficient: staff can find opportunities to both learn and teach relevant materials within close proximity to their work with their district peers as part of their professional learning community.  This embedded district professional development lends it self to sustainable growth and student success.

30-CU was created through a joint task force of equal members of Troy 30C School District administration and Troy Education Association members. The motivation to create 30-CU was a mutual  desire to have staff continue their education for the improvement of student success. The purpose for an internal university was to have that education directly impact Troy30-C students by providing university and district courses aligned with district initiatives using the profound resources of our employees as facilitators, local universities as cohort providers, and district initiatives as content.

30-CU brings together four different kinds of opportunities for the staff:

  1. District-led board credit courses on district initiatives along with board credit book studies
  2. Endorsement programming from colleges and universities
  3. College credit programs and degrees
  4. Professional development courses for licensure hours

30C University Brochure
Troy 30C University Frequently Asked Questions

Troy 30-CU Interest Survey

Board Credit Courses

over 2 years ago

The Troy 30-C Board of Education recognizes the importance of maintaining and extending the skills of all staff members. The Board encourages employees to engage in programs and activities which will lead to their professional growth, expansion of skills and increased job competence." {Board Policy #520.06)

Board Credit Courses - 1 credit

Board credit courses will be 15 hours in length and enrich staff knowledge and instructional strategies tied to district goals and initiatives.
Courses can include delving into research, application with real-time student learning, collaborative conversations with colleagues across the District and self-reflection. Some courses will include professional literature and the text will be provided for participants.
Use the 30-C University Menu links to see the Board Credit Plan approved by the Troy 30-C Board of Education and other specifics in relation to available Board Credit courses, proposals for courses, and a rubric used to evaluate Board Credit proposals. 

Board Credit Plan
Troy 30-CU Board Credit Course Fall 2016 Offerings
To Be a Board Credit Facilitator
Board Credit Facilitator Course Proposal Application
Rubric for Board Credit Course Proposals

Board Credit Book Studies

about 1 year ago

The Troy 30-C Board of Education recognizes the importance of maintaining and extending the skills of all staff members. The Board encourages employees to engage in programs and activities which will lead to their professional growth, expansion of skills and increased job competence." {Board Policy #520.06)

Board Credit Book Study - 0.5 credit

Book studies will meet for a minimum of four sessions to discuss a text and how the information learned can be used to improve instruction and student learning. Titles must be approved by the Department of Teaching and Learning.
Book studies serve as a professional development tool to look at topics deeply in a collaborative setting.  The Department of Teaching and Learning has a significant list of titles that have proved to be effective materials to improve student learning and instruction.
Use the 30-C University Menu Links to see Book Study criteria along with specific requirements, a conversation guide, topics and options for Book Studies. 

Steps to Complete a Board Credit Book Study
  1. Pick a book from the Approved Book Study Options linked below. Have a book aligned to our district goals that you'd like to add? Approval will be granted with alignment to district-wide goals.
  2. Complete and submit a Request Form to Jenna Woodland, DO
  3. Apply online for board credit through the HR department
  4. Once the book study has been approved, complete the Book Study Information Sheet
  5. At each book study meeting, each member should complete a Book Study Conversation Guide
  6. Complete your synthesis paper and share your learning with your colleagues
  7.  Turn in all completed documents to Jenna Woodland in the district office. 
For further assistance in registering for a course, contact Jenna Woodland @ ext. 4723.

30-CU Book Study Requirements
Request for Book Study
Book Study Group Information Sheet
Book Study Conversation Guide
Book Study Synthesis and Presentation Requirements
Approved Book Study Options

University Offerings

over 2 years ago

30-CU will serve not only as a source for district sponsored courses and professional development opportunities. It will also serve as hub for exploring university opportunities for graduate credit, endorsements and advanced degrees.  The 30-CU website includes access to cohort information as well as links to university information for those seeking advanced degrees. 30-CU will not place or advise student; however, it will provide a single point of exploration for our employees. 

Credits earned through college coursework will follow the employee professionally. Tuition for college coursework is the responsibility of the employee and courses are taught by University staff.

Troy Sponsored Cohorts

The Department of Teaching and Learning will work with local universities to start or maintain cohorts for advanced degrees in areas of concentration that will have the greatest impact on students in the district.

The district has been able to develop cohorts with our local university partners in the recent past and is continuing to recruit new members for additional cohorts.  Our most recent and future cohorts include the following endorsements:

  •  Ed Tech Endorsement 
  • ELL Endorsement 
  • Reading Specialist Endorsement
The tuition for the university credits in the responsibility of the employee; however, it is the power of 30-CU to combine the student with the university and maximize the efficiencies of that relationship. The benefits of this relationship include but are not limited to: 
  • Local universities 
  • Onsite classes 
  • Reduced tuition rates 
  • Credits follow teacher professionally
General University Programs
30-CU is designed to provide as many opportunities for professional development as possible. The Department of Teaching and Learning recognizes that our staff may seek advanced degrees. The 30-CU website provides links to admission webpages at area universities for those staff who are considering continuing their education. 

The links to university programming will not only be for certified staff members. 30-CU will endeavor to provide links to local university and programs offering licensing and programs in the trades.

Licensure Professional Development

over 2 years ago

The Department of Teaching and Learning will continue to provide professional development opportunities for all staff. These courses and workshops will target specific practices for our staff that will directly impact their work.  Troy 30-C is an approved professional development provider; therefore, all courses will fulfill professional development hours needed as continuing education for license renewal.
All Professional Development courses will be approximately two hours in length.  The courses may meet in multiple sections or be repeated throughout the year. A running list of offerings will be kept current on the 30-CU site. 
As with the Board Credit courses, the professional development courses must be approved by the Department of Teaching and Learning.   The facilitator for a PD course will earn continuing education credits toward license renewal; however, no compensation will be earned for facilitating the course.

Please use the link below to access current professional development being offered by Troy 30-C.