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Psychological Services

over 3 years ago

Hello from the School Psychologists!

Many of you may ask “Who are School Psychologists? School Psychologists are part of a schools collaborative team that help support all students in meeting the ever increasing demands in the educational environment. Training for a School Psychologist emphasizes preparation in academic interventions and monitoring, mental health, child development, school organization, learning, behavior and motivation. Given the aforementioned the school psychologist role is varied and they wear many hats. 

What exactly do School Psychologists do? The school Psychologist is responsible for pre-referral consultation/intervention/RTI, as well as screening and identification of students referred for possible special education services and providing consultation to staff and students. The school psychologist in the district facilitates the special education meetings and prepares the paperwork.

Building Psychologists/Case Managers

Craughwell Elementary

  •  Andrea Prola - Case Manager
  •  815-577-7313 Ext. 6008

Crossroads Elementary

  •  Angela Boyle - Psychologist
  •  815-577-7314 Ext. 5006

Heritage Trail Elementary

  •  Andrea Prola - Case Manager
  •  815-577-9195 Ext. 2006

Hofer Elementary

Shorewood Elementary

William B. Orenic Intermediate

Troy Middle School

  •  Nicole Benson -Psychologist
  •  815-230-9920 Ext. 4010

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