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Activity Bus General Information

Activity Bus Routes have been updated for the 2018-19 school year. The routes will continue to service the subdivisions indicated in the lists.  


Activity Routes will NOT run on the first and second Wednesday of each month, due to Campus Staff Meetings. There are also NO Activity Routes on early dismissal days (SIP Days). The last day for student transportation will be Tuesday, May 23, 2019. 


The Activity Bus route stops are indicated on the "Find Your Bus Stop" website. Enter your address and when your child's typical bus stop is displayed, the Activity Bus Stop is also shown.  


After determining the most appropriate bus stop location for your child, who will be taking a Campus Activity Bus home, follow these steps: 

  1. Help your child locate the    assigned stop in relationship to your home; 
  2. Ensure your child knows how to walk home from that stop. 
  3. Not every Activity Bus Stop is the same as the daily bus stop for a student.

All of the times listed on the Route Stop for Activity Buses are approximate. The actual times are dependent upon the actual ridership of the bus on any given afternoon. The buses generally do not make every stop on the route. The bus will stop only at stops that students have indicated they need for that afternoon's route. 


If you are having any difficulty locating an appropriate stop for your child, please contact us at the Troy Transportation Department at 815-577-6290.

By Lucille Feeney

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