BluePoint Safety Notification System

  • At Troy School District 30-C safety and security is a top priority. Every day you send your children to school and trust us to educate them and keep them safe. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, we all know how precious every second is. This is why Troy School District 30-C has implemented a new piece of technology to immediately notify emergency officials and provide them with faster, more accurate information to improve the response to a potential threatening situation.

    All schools throughout Troy School District 30-C are now equipped with the BluePoint Alert Solutions Rapid Emergency Response System. This system utilizes intuitive police pull stations (like the one pictured to the right), wearable mobile devices, and computer applications to quickly notify police and warn everyone in the building of a potential threat.

    Upon activation of the BluePoint Alert Solutions Rapid Emergency Response System, first responders are immediately notified of the specific school and the exact location within the building where the potential threat is occurring.

    In addition to the police pull stations, school officials have also installed medical pull stations. These are to be used when a student or staff member is experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency such as an anaphylactic response to a food allergy. This system will immediately notify emergency personnel and provide them with real-time information.

    Troy School District 30-C is proud to be one of the first school districts in Will County utilizing this type of innovative technology. It is through a strong partnership with the Board of Education, Troy School District 30-C, and the first responders from both Joliet and Shorewood that we were able to move forward with the implementation.

Picture of BluePoint Alarm