• ParentSquare gives us the ability to communicate with parents and staff regarding emergency situations, school events, and other important issues impacting you and your children. We are very pleased that we have the capability to share both emergency and informational items with parents in a very timely manner. By working together, this communication tool can become another successful method of keeping parents informed of events and information about the education of all children inside the Troy School District. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

     Phone Number Information 

    Please help us by ensuring we have your current phone numbers. Indicate on your child's registration form which numbers you want included in our system. Please be aware that the ParentSquare cannot dial an extension, so be sure the numbers you include are direct lines. It is important that your school has all of your current telephone numbers so that you will receive all of these messages. Also, please be assured that all personal information will be maintained in the strictest confidence.

    Types of Calls You May Receive 

    •  A Community Outreach message is a general announcement (may be building or district related) that will be delivered to the Primary Phone (and Additional Phone, if requested) for each selected contact. An example of this may be an 'Event' reminder.
    •   An Attendance message can/may be sent on a daily basis to notify parents and guardians of the truancy of their student. The attendance message will be delivered to the Primary Phone (and Additional phone, if requested).
    •   An Emergency Communication is a message scheduled to go to ALL available phone numbers (home/office/cell) and Email addresses for each selected contact. An example of this might be a weather-related school closing.
    •   The Interactive Survey message feature allows us to create and send a message (may be building or district related) in the form of a customized question. Live Deliver recipients (to Primary phone) are asked to respond to our question using their telephone keypad.

    Important Call Delivery Notes 

    •  When a call comes from the school (or district), the message recipient's caller ID will display the school (or district's) phone number. 
    •  When listening to a message, please be aware that background noise will cause the system to "stop and start." It is carefully calibrated to determine whether a person or an answering machine/voicemail has been reached, and background noise may affect the delivery. If possible, move to a quiet area, or press the "mute" button on your phone. 
    •  If you missed any part of a message, please stay on the line and press the "*" (star) key on your phone to hear the entire message again.

    NOTE: If you are receiving calls from the ParentSquare and do not have children in Troy School District, please contact our District Office: 815-577-6760. We will work with you on removing the number from our system after we verify that we may have an incorrect phone number entry. Thank you!