1:1 Technology Plan - FAQ

  • Q: What does the student receive with their device? 

    A:  The student will receive a Chromebook, case for the Chromebook, earbuds and charger for the device.  


    Q: Will students be able to sign on to the device with a personal Google Account? 

    A:  No. Students will only be able to sign in to the device using the @troy30c.org domain. 


    Q: Is it mandatory for students to take the device home every evening? 

    A: Yes, in order for the devices to be fully charged every night we are asking that students take the device to and from school. 


    Q: How will student devices be labeled? 

    A: All student devices will be tagged with the Troy 30C property tag.   Devices will also be labeled with the student ID that includes a photograph to easily identify the device to the student.  


    Q: What if a student forgets to charge the device on a daily basis? 

    A: Students will have the option to charge their device in the classroom; however, this is not encouraged. Each classroom will be equipped with power strips with 6 outlets.   We are encouraging students to come to school with the device charged daily.  The battery life of a Chromebook device will last for up to 8-10 hours.  When the device is closed, it will go into “sleep” mode to help preserve battery life.  


    Q: What if a student forgets his/her device? 

    A: With our blended curriculum, there are plenty of opportunities for students to complete tasks paper pencil as well as on a device.  If a student forgets his/her device, the teacher will plan a curricular related task that will accomplish the same learning goal of the day.  


    There will be a small set of devices available for check out in the library for district assessments only.  Students will check out the device for the periods of use and return upon completion of the assessment.  


    Q: Are students allowed to decorate their device? 

    A: Students are not encouraged to decorate their device with any permanent and/or semi-permanent material.  This is specifically stated in the District Chromebook Agreement.  


    Q: Will students turn in his/her device over the summer?

    A: No, students do not turn in devices over the summer months.    


    Q: Will there be a charging station in the cafeteria? 

    A: No, there will not be charging stations located in the cafeteria.  


    Q: Can students have access to Google Docs at home if they do not have internet access?

    A:  No, not at this time.

    Q: When will devices be distributed at the beginning of the school year?

    A: TMS - August 19th 

        WBO - August 21st


    Q: How will the device be transported to and from school?

    A: It is expected that the device remains in the carrying case when transporting the device on the bus.  If the student takes the device out of the case during bus transportation, the bus driver has the authority to confiscate the device.  


    Q: What happens in the event the device is damaged or lost? 

    A: All Chromebooks in need of repair must be reported to a teacher immediately so that support ticket can be submitted to the Troy 30C Technology Department and a temporary replacement device be provided.  A lost device may result in the charge for the estimated cost of the device along with a police report being filed if necessary.  In the event the damage was found to be intentional by the student, disciplinary actions will be followed per our Acceptable Use 

    Policy located in the Troy 30C student handbook.  


    Q: Will students have access to email? 

    A: Not at this time however we will continue to reflect on this as we progress forward in our 1:1 implementation.  


    Q: Will students receive a mouse?

    A: Students will not receive an individual mouse.  Students can, if they so choose, bring in their mice from home.  Teachers can also submit a Help Desk Ticket and request a set of mice for classroom access. 


    Q: Will web content be monitored on the device at home?

    A: The district has a program called GoGuardian.  GoGuardian allows for content to be filtered at both home and school.  As a result of this program only the websites that are accessible at school will also be accessible at home.  


    Q: Will students be able to print content from their device?

    A: Students will be encouraged to digitally publish and share their work.  Students may print their work from their Chromebook at school as directed by their teacher and only when requested for a specific assignment.  


    Q: Will the device have access to a camera?

    A: Yes, Chromebooks have a built in camera; however, it is only allowed to be used when directed by a teacher for an assignment.  


    Q: How will students be aware of their nightly digital assignments?

    A: Each team of teachers communicates homework based on their preferences; however, there are a variety of modes of communication including Google Classroom, teacher webpages and Google extensions that save websites.  Please ask each teacher team if you have a specific question regarding assignments on the device.