• Remote Learning Plan 2022-2023
  • After School Support
  • Troy Preschool Program
  • Assessments
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Special Education
  • Student Apps
  • Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Professional Development
    Dr. Jillian Tsoukalas
    Ext. 4705

    Executive Director of Curriculum and Assessment
    Nicole Counihan
    Ext. 4723

    Director of Special Education
    Michelle Laird
    Ext. 4706

    Assistant Director of Special Education
    Ryan Newberry
    Ext. 7008  
    Director of Early Childhood Education
    Jess McCaslin
    Ext. 5009    

    Director of Student & Family Services 
    Rheon Gibson
    Ext. 4702 

    Director of Multilingual Services 
    Karina Ochoa
    Ext. 4710 
    Spanish Language Translator/Interpreter 
    Viridiana Marchand
    Ext. 4725   

    Educational Technology Coordinator
    Sarah Wells 
    Ext. 4718
    Library Resource Center Facilitator
    Carrie Upjohn
    Ext. 4013 
    Administrative Assistant to Special Education
    Flor Villasenor 

    Administrative Assistant to Teaching and Learning
    Maricela Torres

    Administrative Assistant to Teaching and Learning
    Cindy Boban