Showing Up Together, Attendance Matters

  • Your child(ren)'s attendance and well-being matters to all of us at Troy 30-C. Daily and on time school attendance is vital for students’ academic success. We are here to support your child(ren)'s education every day by creating a supportive and enriching learning environment.  

    Attendance is also a factor as we receive our annual report card rating from the Illinois State Board of Education. As part of our District Continuous Improvement Plan, our goal is to reduce our Chronic Absenteeism from 23% down to 13%. Across the District, we are striving for students to achieve 95% attendance throughout each trimester which equates to missing 3 or less days per trimester.

What is Chronic Absenteeism

  • As defined by the State of Illinois law, "chronic absence" means excused and/or unexcused absences that total 10% or more of school days of the most recent academic school year.

What is Chronic Truancy

  • As defined by the State of Illinois, a "chronic truancy" means unexcused absences that total more than 1%, but less than 5% for the most recent academic school year. 

Communications to Families

  • Attendance letters are sent to families for both excused and unexcused absences after 3, 6, and 9 days of missed school. Sending these letters is a requirement of the Illinois School Code. This is a way of communicating the student’s attendance record with their family. Please continue calling your child’s absence to your child’s school if they are sick (i.e, vomiting, fever, etc.) as we do not expect students to be attending school if they are sick. If the absence extends for three consecutive days, parents may be required to submit a doctor’s note, per the Student/Parent Handbook.

Student Attendance Rate

School Attendance Rate Craughwell 93.69% Cronin 93.84% Heritage Trail 94.21% Hofer 94.35% Shorewood 95.75% WBO94.21%TMS 93.3%
Attendance Matters

Contact Us

  • Is your child struggling with daily attendance at school? We are here to help. Please reach out to our Director of Student and Family Services, Jeffrey Peterson, at with questions or concerns that you have.